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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Handling JQGrid Autoheight on last page that has "rownum" less than "reccount"

One of the nice feature that JQGrid provides is enabling auto height using setGridHeight("100%"). This feature works fine except if the "number of rows on the current page" is less than "rows per page" which is last page, since it sets height to "100%" the height of the page is suddenly reduced.

Here is the sample screenshots taken from JQGrid demo website (goto Advanced -> Resizing)

First Page :

Last Page :

You wouldn't want this to happen if you got some more content after the grid. So now here is how you can fix this :-

loadComplete: function(data) {
   var rcPage = jQuery('#invoicesGrid').getGridParam('reccount');
   var rpPage = jQuery('#invoicesGrid').getGridParam('rowNum');                                
   var rowHeight = $('#invoicesGrid .ui-row-ltr').eq(0).height();
   if(rcPage < rpPage) {                                    
         var gridHeight = (rpPage * rowHeight);
         gridHeight += 10;  //row header height         
   else {

Just hook up this code to your jqgrid and this should do the trick.

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