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Thursday, 26 August 2010

"Response.Redirect" or "Server.Transfer" raises ThreadAbortException

Both methods calls Response.End method internally ends the page execution. Then executes Application_EndRequest event in the application's event pipeline and hence the line of code that follows Response.End is not executed which is raising the exception.

To overcome this just disable Response.End in both methods as follows :-




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Monday, 16 August 2010

Ajax Control Toolkit 3.5 : The script 'Timer.js' has been referenced multiple times.

Developed a website using Fast ASP.NET Web page loading by downloading multiple JavaScripts after visible content and in batch using .NET 2.0, Ajax 1.0 and Ajax Control toolkit. After migrated to .NET 3.5 getting the following error:-

"Microsoft JScript runtime error: Sys.InvalidOperationException: The script 'Timer.js' has been referenced multiple times. If referencing Microsoft AJAX scripts explicitly, set the MicrosoftAjaxMode property of the ScriptManager to Explicit."

As per the methodology used to delay loading of JavaScripts after visible content, all resource files(.axd) should be included in Filesets.xml.

Now find out where the error has occured in the script reference for eg:

comment out the script resource in the xml. Timer control should not be included as part of combine scripts and hence the respective script resource should be commented.

Also to view any resource file that has been included in the xml just open the resource in Visual Studio (File -> Open when website is running) . for eg: if the location is


the url for this would be


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Migrating Web application from .NET 2.0 with Ajax 1.0 to .NET 3.5

Migrating a web application developed in .NET 2.0, Ajax 1.0 and Ajax control tool kit 2005 to .NET 3.5 is quite simple following below steps :-

1. Open the solution using Visual Studio 2008 (this is migrate automatically all the projects in the solution and will update the references accordingly.

2. Remove the reference to Ajax control toolkit 2.0 and add the new reference to ajax control toolkit 3.5.

3. Since Ajax control toolkit is being used in your solution update tag to .

4. To improve performance load all .js file using a single user control and assign attribute CombineScripts attribute of scripmanager to "True". Reference CombineScripts.

5. Build the solution and web application should work absolutely fine.

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