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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

.NET VC++ Compilation in x64

Compiling VC++ projects for x64 build might give following errors :-

fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'version.lib'

So as to fix the issues library directories should point to 64bit libraries and also 64bit SDK needs to be installed.

To install 64-bit SDK :-

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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Unable to get updated project from source control

At times while getting project from source control the following message is displayed :-

Follow the steps below :
1. Source Control - Get specific version
2. select option "Force get of file versions already in workspace"
3. select "Get"

This should override your files, but if the files are not retrieved using this method then the issue is with your source control binding.

Follow the steps below :
1. goto Source Control explorer
2. select workspace and select workspaces (this will display "Manage Workspaces" dialog)
3. Now select the binding and select "Edit"
4. Under the working folders list, remove bindings that are not required

Note: Binding only to the root is required and any sub folder bindings can be removed.

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Friday, 2 July 2010

Type Sys.UI._Timer has already been registered

Having a webpage with multiple update panels and multiple timers might be bit annoying when you the below error:-
Sys.InvalidOperationException: Type Sys.UI._Timer has already been registered

If scripts are loaded using an user control update attributes for asp:ScriptManager as follows

Hope this have helped someone like me hanging around.

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VS 2005 - VC++ Include directories invalid for $(VCInstallDir)

At times if Visual studio 2005 doesn't recognize $(VCInstallDir) paths, static paths might be a better option.

select the include & library directories manually as below :


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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Displaying elapsed time with multiple asp:timer's on a page

In cases where a web page consists of multiple asp:updatepanel and multiple asp:timer controls. Each update panel getting refreshed at specific timer intervals (different timings), instead of display stale data before the refresh its good to display the user with elapsed time for an update panel. This gives users feel of live data and user knows exactly when an update panel will be refreshed.

Sample display of how the page looks

Here is the code below :-



Corrupted Visual Studio 2005 settings for VC++ directories

To reset to default setting of VC++ directories follow below steps :-

1. Tools -> Import and Export settings

Fig 1

2. select "Export selected environment settings" and select "Next"
3. select "All settings" and select "Next"
4. select "Finish"

This should give the default settings and if any thirdparty libraries are used manually add the include directories.

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