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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Guidelines for Optimising ASP.NET Websites

Optimisation is one of the most challenging task for any website. Optimisation should be planned just like any development task so as to avoid spending more time towards the end of project. There are various elements that needs to be considered during this process, here is the list below:-

1. Reduce number of requests made to the server by using minification of stylesheets(.css) and javascript code(.js)

2. Combining all resources and deliver zipped verion (using GZIP)

3. Prefer GET than POST for ajax calls

4. Prioratise loading of resources and use lazy loading

5. Be cautious about references to resources and remove unwanted/unavailable references (No 404)

6. Use image maps as opposed to independent images(.jpeg,.gif etc)

7. Use caching for static components such as images

8. Make Ajax calls cachebale

9. Try using external scripts & css whereever possible (use CDN)

10. Reduce cookie size and also make cookieless request for resources such as images

There are various tools/plugins/extensions that are freely available, these can help you point out optimisation issues relating to your website. But each of these tools use different sets of rules and provides different types of statistics. Here is the short list:-

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