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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

DialogWidth and DialogHeight not working on chrome for showModalDialog

window.showModalDialog is ignoring dialogWidth and dialogHeight on Chrome but works fine on other browsers such as IE, firefox etc. After some tweaking I have found that dialogWidth and dialogHeight should not have "px" in the value ie.. "dialogWidth:100;dialogHeight:200" but other browsers need to have "px" such as "dialogWidth:100px;dialogHeight:200px"

Here is a simple function that can help

 function ModalDialog(sURL, vArguments, ModalDialogHeight, ModalDialogWidth) {
        var sFeatures;

        if (window.showModalDialog) {
            if (!navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().match('chrome')) {
                ModalDialogWidth += "px";
                ModalDialogHeight += "px";
            sFeatures = "status:no;center:yes;dialogWidth:" + ModalDialogWidth + ";dialogHeight:" + ModalDialogHeight + ";resizable:yes;";
            var returnResult = window.showModalDialog(sURL, vArguments, sFeatures);
            if (returnResult) {
                return returnResult;
        else {
            sFeatures = "status=no,width=" + ModalDialogWidth + ",height=" + ModalDialogHeight + ",menubar=no,scrollbars=no";
            window.margs = vArguments;
  , "_blank", sFeatures);

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