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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Add or Modify model data before submit in ASP.NET MVC when using jQuery Form Plugin

Having recently started using ASP.NET MVC for a website I am quite impressed the way MVC framework works as opposed to standard ASP.NET web forms.

Also coupled the website with jQuery Form Plugin which works seamlessly with ASP.NET MVC. jQuery Form Plugin basically provides various options such as
beforeSubmit - to validate before submitting data
success - to refresh/update content after success form submition

All works great, now what I actually need is to change data before submit so I have made some changes to jQuery Form Plugin as follows :-

// give pre-submit callback an opportunity to abort the submit
if (options.beforeSubmit && options.beforeSubmit(a, this, options) === false) {
    log('ajaxSubmit: submit aborted via beforeSubmit callback');
    return this;

// give addDataBeforeSubmit an opportunity to add custom data to be send along with form submit
 var moreData = options.addDataBeforeSubmit();
 $.each( moreData, function( i, item ) {
  var bExists = false;
  $.each( a, function( j, aitem ) {
   if( == item.key){
    aitem.value = item.value;
    bExists = true;
   a.push({ name: item.key, value: item.value });

// fire vetoable 'validate' event
this.trigger('form-submit-validate', [a, this, options, veto]);
if (veto.veto) {
 log('ajaxSubmit: submit vetoed via form-submit-validate trigger');
 return this;


So this should cope with changing/adding new values to data that is to be sent for controller action (post)

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