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Friday, 12 August 2011

Using SQL Server Compact with FluentNHibernate

FluentNHibernate is an alternative to NHibernate that supports Object Relational Mapping framework. Actually FluentNHibernate is build on top of NHibernate that provides strongly typed mapping using c# as opposed to xml mapping (.hbm.xml).

SQL Server CE (Compact edition) is commonly used for small applications as this would not need any packaging and is a simple file copy.

Using FluentNHibernate with SQL Server CE 3.5 file has a flaw in which any changes to mapping would not be reflected in the database unless the database is re-created.

Now this has been solved in the latest version of SQL Server CE 4.0, where in any changes are automatically reflected in the database.

Here is code to configure SQL Server CE
MsSqlCeConfiguration sqlconfig = MsSqlCeConfiguration.Standard.ConnectionString(ConnectionString);
FluentConfiguration fc = Fluently.Configure();
fc = fc.Database(sqlconfig );
ISessionFactory sessionFactory = fc.Cache(c => c
   .Mappings(m => m
   .ExposeConfiguration((NHibernate.Cfg.Configuration config) => new SchemaUpdate(config)
   .Execute(false, true))

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