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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Create Work Item Template for Team

Work item templates are very good option to apply a set of changes for a group of work items( for eg: bugs). But have you come across having difficulty not to be able to have shared work item templates, if so just follow these simple steps and you can achieve it.

Before creating a work item template, choose a shared location where each of team member have access such \\csharptechies\workitemtemplates, if you do not already have one create one shared folder on a network.

Now that you have the shared location, update your work item template settings in visual studio settings to point a shared location as follows :-

1. In the Tools menu, click Options.
2. In Options window, click Team Foundation Server Power Tools then click Work Item Template.
3. In the Work Item Template option page, click Browse to change the default location to \\csharptechies\workitemtemplates.
4. Click OK.

(above steps would only work for VS2010)

Now that your default location is set for work item template, create a new work item template.

After creating, browse to \\csharptechies\workitemtemplates and you should be able to see a new file created with extension .wt

Ask all of your team members to update there default work item template location.

Note:- A work item template is specific to a project

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