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Friday, 18 March 2011

Displaying JQGrid with default search condition

Being using JQGrid for sometime, have at one point required to display data in jqgrid but with a default search condition.

Its as simple as just passing data using the parameter serializeGridData in jqgrid

$(function () {

 var defaultsearchField = "id";
 var defaultsearchString = "5";
 var defaultsearchOper = "gt";

  datatype: "json",    
  {name:'id',index:'id', width:55},    
  {name:'Icon',index:'Icon', width:90},    
  {name:'name',index:'name asc, invdate', width:100},    
  {name:'designation',index:'designation', width:80}],    
  pager: '#pager',    
  sortname: 'id',    
  viewrecords: true,    
  sortorder: "desc",    
  caption:"JSON Data",
  serializeGridData: function (postData) {

  if(defaultsearchField != null)
   postData.searchField = defaultsearchField; 
   postData.searchString = defaultsearchString; 
   postData.searchOper = defaultsearchOper;
   if (postData.searchField === undefined) postData.searchField = null;
   if (postData.searchString === undefined) postData.searchString = null;
   if (postData.searchOper === undefined) postData.searchOper = null; 
  return JSON.stringify(postData);


Now the webservice will get the default search condition and should be able to work straight away. Unless if search is not handled on web service side.

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